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I'm Intuitive, Empath, Clairvoyant, Emotional Healer and work with Angels because I feel that is a gift God gave me. It started when I was at a low point of my life. So low I couldn't move and didn't have any motivation. One day I was lying on my bed and I woke up to what seemed like the sun rays in my room. A bright golden, white light in my room and I couldn't see anything. I did feel heaviness on my feet and at that point I realized I was having an experience an Angel sat on my feet. I decided to relax and listen but suddenly I was awakened. As I sat on my bed a bit confused, I felt the message was installed in my heart. After that experience I noticed I was sensitive to hearing and seeing signs from my Angels. I decided to fully trust God's gift and it led me to work with many people for the past 15 years. I choose to work with Angels because I saw change in my life and now it's time to see change in yours!

Here's a message from your Angels:  
Your Angels are asking to release your problems. Seek them when you need strength and understanding. Your Angels work for God and you'll be guided and supported. If you can't see or feel their presence, it doesn't mean they left you. You're never alone and they're with you now! ready to assist you. As you seek divine help, you must know everything works in divine order but your prayers will be answered. Angels ask to retreat your mind, body, soul and let go of what's holding you back.  

Your Angels bring uplifting and encouraging messages. You'll receive clarity and you won't leave feeling confused or empty. All I need is your name to connect with your energy and begin receiving messages. Your Angels offer emotional healing and lift you up into a higher vibration. Allow me to help you and begin your spiritual journey today!  
Love and Light,  
Ann Howard  
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