"Angels transformed my life and they can transform yours too!"
                                                                         ~Ann Howard

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Angel Readings by Ann Howard 
I began working with Ann since October of 2015 and she has truly become my spiritual counselor in every aspect of my life. Ann, is someone who you come across once in a lifetime. From the first time when I spoke with Ann, I knew that she had a way of touching my heart and spirit where I didn't just receive a traditional psychic reading but she was able to help me heal from deep within myself. I truly believe that God knows what he is doing and when I was at a cross roads in my life and practically hit rock bottom, I found Ann and I felt a comfort and strength that I have never felt from anyone that I spoke with. I admit that when you are down, we tend to go into desperation mode and seek answers as fast as possible and to hear anything to ease the pain that we are experiencing. Ann, helped me with my challenges that I had in front of me but what separates her from anyone else is the fact that she will guide you and help you seek the answers which is being able to heal from within. Ann, helped me find my faith when I thought I lost it and she helped me see that God and my Angels were always with me, I just had to believe. I am thankful that God blessed me with Ann. What I truly appreciate about Ann is the fact that she is truly passionate and she cares for each and every person who contacts her, she is not just about the "business" of receiving your money, counting the time that you purchased and providing generic answers. She will ensure that you understand your truth and why things happens in our lives. I have faith in God and I believe that he blessed me with Ann who has been my Angel in this earth and she will always remind and lead me back to his light, love and truth. I do not tend to write reviews for anyone but my heart told me that I had to write this review because I want to share this wonderful person with others because I believe when we give, we get back. I hope that anyone who is going through any tough times or challenges, to speak with Ann and she will help you through your situation, you will feel lifted and in peace. Ann, thank you for all that you have done for me and you have never disappointed me since I have worked with you for the past one year and thank you for providing that strength when I couldn't find it within me and I am gaining truth everyday because you never gave up on me and believed in me. Thank you Ann!! I hope you will continue to touch the lives of many more people like you have for me. 
Warmest Regards, 

​"I emailed her and within several hours she responded with a very helpful and personalized message answering the questions I posed. She was suggested to me by a good friend, and after my experience with her I'd HIGHLY recommend her!" 
Alex K.  
"She's the best. Honest and very accurate on everything. She's so sweet and very caring. When I got my first reading you automatically feel comfortable and open to Anna. I've gone to many psychics and chose her because she's helped me through every and any situation I've been in. She's so easy to get in contact and reach out too. Even just for advice she's perfect. She's got a true ability and I believe in her and her gift. Thanks for everything and I would recommend her to anyone!" 
Esther G. February 29, 2016 
Ann is understanding and compassionate. Ann will bring clarity that will bring joy and relief to your heart. Ann's gift is genuine and true. xoxo 
Nancy S.  
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